Figurative Language

Well Class 3/4 you have been doing an amazing job of writing using figurative language devices such as puns, spoonerisms, similes and metaphors.

Your task this week is to:

1. Type your draft story as a final piece of writing.

2. Incorporate teacher corrections.

3. Self-edit your work by checking for the following:

– paragraphs

– punctuation

– grammar

– correct use of capitals

– using a variety of openers and saying verbs

Good luck and have fun.

Ms T

20 thoughts on “Figurative Language

  1. Mission M.T

    Mission M.T was going to be a hard mission. It was very complex.

    One second later… BOOM BOOM BOOM BANG BANG BANG the sound of bombsand guns were going off. ” Oh thats’ my alarm going off telling me to get up for school.”

    What I had to do for Mission M.T was to get somelunch order slips so I could write them at home. Very serious work.

    So I got on the school bus and went to school. I went into the teachers’ office and got a big handful until the teacher caught me stealing. It wasn’t my class. The teacher didn’t knoe my name. I ran as fast as I could and went home for the rest of the day.

    Then I moved school. I had to leave all of my friends but I completed Mission M.T. That was the good thing. I still had the slips to write my lunch order on but when I got to my new schoolwe didn’t have lunch orders. SO MISSION M.T WAS A WASTE OF TIME! The End
    By Mia xoxo

  2. Quest To CL Lair

    In the dark times. Doctor DC was on a quest to CL lair, the secret agent hideout. The secret agent hide out was as blach as coal underground.


    One day I saw a girl and her name was…I have no idear but she was
    still beautiful.The next time I saw her was two years after.

    That year she came to our school. The’

  4. Charlotte’s Adventure 1/11/13

    One day there was a girl called charlotte.She was on an adventure to find special people. She had a friend and his name was Fredrick. He was as skinny as a bean. But he was just a friend and when I say friend I mean FRIEND.

    Another day later he went down the black steep hole in south Africa, when he hit the ground he had a lot of injuries. He was stuck down the hole for one week and a half. He had no food, no water or anything.

    When he finally got help out of the hole he had to go to hospital and got all his injuries fixed. He had to go and do all his therapy and he never fell down a steep hole again.



    I set sail for the sea with my sixteen ships, missing everything I had at home. We came to a storm, but it was no normal storm, it was a lightning storm! Twelve of our ships burnt in the fire, drowning two men. Two of us lived.

    We came to a cave full of glow worm poo. There was no way out, but there was. One was up. Eveything was downhill from here. We just needed to go up a cave with two men. It was like a thirty story high buliding and we only had two men.


    Oneday in the world of cars where every person had to own a car and if you didn’t you went to jail anyway lets get back to story.

    One day there was a boy named Jeremy.jeremy only liked nice expensive carlike:Lamborghinies,Ferraris,Bugattis,Koenigsegg,Paganis
    Maclarans and posches

  7. Jazmyn’s Adventure. Hope you like it!

    One day I met a girl as bright as the sun. As we were walking I thought about metaphors and similes to myself. It was 7.30pm so I had to go to bed because I had school tomorrow so I went to sleep.

    I woke up and got ready for school and I went to school. We were looking at metphors and similes. I came up with a few: ‘as bright as the sun’, ‘she has a heart like a lion. School had just finished so I went back home but I had forgotten where I lived so I pulled out my map and I had a look. I live in Queensland.

  8. It all started on the twenty third of April in the year 2008. It was a quest to find pet fox Sly. He was called Sly because ha was so sly you could not feel him get on your shoulder. He was red with a white tail and black ear.

    When I lost Sly he was as sick as a dog. We found Sly high up in a tree because of how noisy he was. The neighbours were begging me to get rid of Sly and when Sly ran away they gave me $100,000 but I still prefer Sly even if they give me $1,000,000.


  9. A long time ago, not that long, there was a girl like lightning.Her name was Georgia, she could sail the islands in one whole year.She could shoot her bow with her trusty steed all over the lands all day and night.Her yrusty steed was a stallion black as midnight, like a shadow.

    One day Georgia found a dark mysterious cave in a dark forest.So she went in, but it was a trap.The rope tied her by the legs and threw her in a bowl with cold water not boiled yet.

    After she got throwen in the tub, she tried to get out.Then she heard a “thud thud thud thud thud”. She stopped struggling and screaming.Then something opened the lid. It was a big, fat ugly troll. “Well, well, well my lunch has come then.” Georgia said “I don’t think so” and shot him with an arrow. She got out and ran away. The troll screamed and chased her and when she lost him she climbed a tree and went to sleep. She started to dream about home so she made a new boat. She heard a thing or someone say “I’m going to get you now” so she tried to build faster. She got the boat ready and she sailed away. Five months later she got home and lived happily ever after. The End


    In 1994 the twelth of January. There lived a girl. Her name was Hannah and she was thirty six. Hannah was stranded on an island since 1992. The island was called Odysseus. Hannah had twelve people with her.

    One day on the fourteenth 1994 they got on their ship, (that was called the Soren Larsen). They were keen to find their homes back at Byron Bay, Tasmania. They were all missing their families.

    So one day Hannah and her crew set sail to find their families. Hannah led the directions to find Byron Bay. India (one of Hannah’s crew members) was the driver.

    One day on the twenty third, 1994 they had reached Tasmania. Hannah and her crew were so tired that they had a sleep.

    The next day they woke up and set to find Byron Bay. After six hours they found Byron Bay and their families. The adventure to find home was completed.

    THE END!!

  11. Hi everyone

    It’s Squid here! I just wanted to post my writing.

    Once upon a time there was a kitten. It was a giant rainbow kitten. It was as cute as a button. Many people always thought it would scatch their eyes out and the kitten was sad because of that. One day the kitten came into the peoples’ town and ruined their houses. All the people were pleading with the giant rainbow kitten to stop but it didn’t. Instead it just put the people on it’s claws like kebabs, then ate them.

    This naughty kitten made a bad choice when it went into the town and ate the people. It got poisoned and if you were wondering how it got poisoned this is how.

    When it ate the people it didn’t realise that one of them was carrying illegal poison. The poison kills very slowly, it’s already been 1 week. It would be surprising if it even lasts another week. The poison makes you stop eating. Some of the R.S.P.C.A people felt sorry for the kitten and helped it get better. One of the vets said “Aw, it’s as sick as a dog”. After a whole month the kitten got better. The only bad thing was that a big dog bit the giant rainbow kitten and it got tetanus (lock jaw). They couldn’t save the kitten and it died!
    The End, or is it?! No it is.


  12. Danni’s Odyssey

    One day I met a girl, she was as slow as a snail. I had a best friend called Brandon, who was as fast as a Ferrari and then there’s me and I am as thin as a pin and as chirpy as a chicken.

    We all decided we were going to go on a great Odyssey. We booked a boat and we packed our stuff. A week later it was time time to go “Oh well it’s my Odyssey, actually it’s our Odyssey”.

    We set off. All was fine but something happened. A tornado hit us; the seas became rough. I tried to save us but the girl fell out and Brandon and I where stuck on an island and all we were hoping for was a way home and for the girl to be safe.

    Brandon started gathering foods and i started gathering wood. I built a fire and Brandon and I started to build a shelter. I cooked us a meal and the next day we set out to find the girl.

    We looked high and low but no sign of her. she was gone just like that…


  13. The Super Super Super Day,

    It’s is my birthday on the Tuesday coming up and I can’t wait for it. My nan is taking me to YMCA and it is going to be fun for me and I wait for it to come and my nam said to me ” Do you want top come to the YMCA and my brother are coming too. I said i will come with you nan and

  14. Rhys’s Mission,

    It is my mission to go and save someone in a ferrari. They are as fat as the moon. I dont know how Iam going to save the big fat moon. It is so fat will not fit in the


    Connor’s quest to find gold in South Antarctica with to men from South America. So those two men keep the supplies cold on the ice. They drag the bottles of water and all of the sudden one of the men died in coldness. They just had to keep on walking on the ice. He got left behind on the ice and they never saw him again.

    Two weeks later they finally found some gold in South Antarctica. They found 3000 bits of gold and they were rich with gold. They keep the gold in a secret safe in their sled which they pull along the ice with ropes on their back packs. A very norty (naughty) boy put a bomb in their back packs so they die and never see their family again. There was only had 2 seconds left on the bomb and bang they died. Now they can`t see their family again. The end.

  16. Far far away in a lost land; there was a lost village, where a little girl lived. She had a hart of gold. Her name Mia.One day an evil whitch took her grandmother’s magic ring. She was outraged and desperate to get it back.So she packed her bag and left. She fooled the whitch into a cave.
    When she was about to put the ring on. When Mia yelled out “what do you call a sleeping bull”.The witch was confused. Then Mia said “a bull doser”.The witch laughed so much that

  17. I rushed to Ursula’s cave then it didn’t matter any more because we captured her.Now here’s the hard part catching arieal! So we set off in a hurry and caught her just in time. So that proves we are Sophie and Charlotte monster hunters.The end or is it!

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