Marine Environment Passages

Hi Class 3/4

From our visual thinking work on ‘Protecting the Marine Environment’, write your short stories / passages so you can have practise typing and editing your work.

Good luck.

From Ms T

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  1. Hi one One day there were one hundred fish swimming in the ocean. Along came two swimmers and so the swimmers said:”Let’s kill their environment! ”No” said the people in the Ocean. ”How about we destroy yours. ” No” they yelled. They all swam away and lived happily ever after.

    The End :]

    By Jazmyn :]

  2. I think that we should help the Ocean habitat because we will lose money and jobs. Shops will complain, environmentalists will complain.
    I have a question. Where do we get the best fish? Blar! Blar! Blar! Blar! Ok.
    That settles it. We help the environment. I also suggest that we have dolphin friendly nets and we don’t catch so many fish. But you just said we will lose too much money but then there will be more fish for us to catch and then we will get more money. BLAR, BLAR, BLAR OK! We do it for the money.
    By Mia Stroh

    • Hi everyone,
      My story is called The Really Fishy Stone. [part one]

      There once was a stone in the Indian Ocean. It was discovered by a zombie called I.M. Bloodthirsty. He was a diver who drowned with the stone in his pocket. He was born the 14/09/1780. The only thing wrong with him was that he lost his stone and the stone carried his heart. So he set out to find his heart in a stone it could be any stone …

  3. The Ocean Habitat

    One day there was a little boy named Elzletro. His only dream was to be a scientist. When he turn fifteen he got an ordinary disguise so he could now be a scientist.

    One day he went to study at the bottom of the ocean. There was something wrong. There were no animals there only dirt and more dirt. So Elzletro went to the science lab to ask what was the problem. The government were destroying the OCEAN!

    by Jordon

  4. Hi Everyone
    Class 3-4 have been working on habitat stories. Here is my story, I hope you like it!


    In the ocean some happy marine animals were just minding their own business, swimming in the reef. When the divers came, they were unleashed into the water: one with a knife, two with spears, three with poisoned bait and four with a net. The fish thought it was over. They were stepping on coral. They were invading their breeding spot. I told everyone: “go, go, go”. They were gone in a blink of an eye.

    The strippers started taking things that weren’t theirs to take. The baby fish cried. They got left behind. They were caught and killed. That was the end of the reef.
    By Charlie

  5. The Fish Net
    Once upon a time there was a big school of fish, they were all family. They saw a weird looking object in the water. It came closer, closer and even closer. It had a net. Everybody hide! Not everyone made it. They got taken away they never came back.
    Ten years later all the fish saw the weird object again. They swam away then nobody got caught in the net. They moved to a new breeding ground. They were never found again. All the fish were happy for the rest of their lives! The End
    By Mia Temple

  6. Our Home Is Gone!
    Once upon a time there was a fish called Fin who one day met Coco the fish.
    All the time they would play under the algae nearly every day but one day their play place was gone. “Oh no” said Fin “we should protect our environment more!” said Coco. So they set lots of traps. The next day the Fishing Industry wouldn’t take their home and so they didn’t.

    The End Or Is It?
    By Sophie Thornton

  7. Swim Little Fishy

    Once upon time there was a small but skinny little fish. A big diver and came and took away my mother and father wasn’t okay because I didn’t get to meet them. She got taken away so I went to my grandmother but she got taken away by a shark and I had to go to my grandad’s place. His home was right near the north and I couldn’t travel that far so I was all alone. It was scary and dark but I remembered my nan but she was in a whale’s mouth and I eventually was dead. The end.

  8. A fishy Tale
    One day I was wandering around in the sea. I was behind a big rock looking at the fish of my dreams. Then whoosh, she was taken by a huge net and the fish of my dreams was gone.
    I swam and I swam but never saw her fishy face again OOO THE END

    • Dear Brandon,

      Everytime I look at this post it always brings a Smile to my face. Its a little Cute

      By Jazmyn xox

  9. Sandy and the Coral City
    One day there was a fish called Sandy. Sandy lived in a beautiful fish town called Coral City. Coral City had a lot of shops, houses and fish. Sandy was the nicest fish in Coral City. One day there was going to be a disco at Coral City Disco Hall. Sandy was organising it all. Sandy went around coral City and gave everyone an invitation, like this one (someone’s invite).

    Dear Coral, You are welcome to come to a dance disco in Coral City Disco Hall.
    At- Coral City Disco Hall.
    Time- 4:40 pm to 12:30 pm. From Sandy.

    The next day they got ready for the disco. That evening everyone had a fantastic time at the disco.
    The End. From Alice

  10. Dear Class 3\4,

    All of those stories are Great and all bring something to my Heart. I hope there are going to be more stories from class 3\4.

    By Jazmyn

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