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Hi Everybody,

The class 3/4 have been working with a guy named Andrew and we are doing an expedition with  him on the internat. People have been asking some interesting questions. Hope to see more interesting questions grade 3/4. Hope we learn heaps more.

Thanks so much Mrs T and Andrew for making Andrew come all the way.

From Jazmyn xo

3 Responses to “ACTIVITY IN CLASS”

  1. Jazmyn says:

    Hi Class,

    Hope you are still using the blog not many comments guys. Come on and keep it alive.

    BY Jazmyn

  2. Sophie says:

    Hi Jazmyn
    next time maybe you could put some questions about Andrew’s expodition into a post and you would get lots of comments and more questions about Andrew and his expoditon to Papua New Guinea.

    From Sophie

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