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Hi to all our friends in Scotland and England

While we organise our blog content, please feel free to post any questions or comments you wish.  Grade 3/4 would love to hear from you on this thread.

Kind regards

Ms T

22 Responses to “Calling Our Quad Blogging Buddies”

  1. Lewis & Emily says:

    Have you got a Mountain in Tasmania that is really steep.

    • Rachael says:

      Hi Lewis & Emily

      We do have a mountain it’s called Mt Wellington it even has snow on it .It is over 3,000 meters. We normally don’t have snow only on very high mountains.

      From Rachael

    • Cain says:

      Hi Lewis and Emily,
      I do live In a mountain near my school. It’s very fun to live in a mountain because you are away from the city and you get to be in nature. One day last year I couldn’t get to school because the steep road from my house had ice on it.
      From Cain

  2. skye says:

    I have two dogs . do you have any unusual pets?

  3. Christopher & Lucy says:

    How do you get to school in Tasmania? Most of us walk or take a car.

    • Ms T says:

      Hi, I am the class teacher. I drive 45 minutes to get to school and I travel 52 kilometres. If my students are too noisy or excited then I feel like having a sleep when I drive home after school.
      From Ms T

    • Jazmyn says:

      Hey Christopher and Lucy,

      I travel by bus with a few of my friends. How do you get to school?

      From Jazmyn :]

  4. skye says:

    Do you get to play rugby at school?because we do and its fun.I have learned how to throw a ball properly and play new rugby
    games that we have never played before.

    • Rhys says:

      Hi Skye, I live in Hamilton and I sometimes play rugby. We do not play rugby at school. I would like to learn how to play rugby. I play cricket at school as well as football.
      From Rhys

    • Oliver and Gujun says:

      Hi Skye, we do not play rugby in our school because our teachers think it a hurting game,but we can play football,or hokey, although we can suggest it as a club.

  5. Ryan and George says:

    Does Tasmania have an international rugby team? We have a tournament in our country now called the 6 nations. Do you play rugby at school?

    • Jazmyn says:

      Hi Ryan and George,

      We don’t play Rugby at our school. Because it is to ruff and we dont play hand on games.

      From Jazmyn <3

  6. Lewis says:

    Do you have a Tennis court? because I’m just wondering because I like Tennis but I don’t know how to join.

    • Alice says:

      Hello Lewis,
      Instead of a tennis court we have two courts, but some of the boys play cricket instead. I play in a lot of different places.

      How many people do you have in your classroom? We’ve got twenty three.
      From Alice

  7. jack and cameron says:

    What kind of weather do you get in Tasmania?

  8. Paris and Emily says:

    Yes we do have tennis courts . And we have ice hockey. What is the weather like?It is cold but sometimes warm in Summer.

  9. Charlie says:

    Hi Scotland

    What uniforms do you wear? At my school we wear gold and maroon tops and navy blue trousers.

    From Charlie

    • Ms T says:

      Hi Charlie
      You are asking some great questions, so well done on getting onto our Blog (on a Saturday) and being a great blogger!

      Our Quadblogging buddies will be looking at their own sites too so I’d suggest going to their Blogs and asking your questions again. [Their direct links are under the box ‘Quadblogging’ on the right side of the page.]

      Oh and Frank (the donkey) is very well thank you. He was very noisy at 5.28am when he told our entire valley that he would like breakfast in ten minutes time as he was on his way down the hill!

      From Ms T

  10. Charlie says:

    Hi Scotland

    Do you have a school garden?

    From Charlie

  11. Mia says:

    Hello everyone

    I have a baby joey at my house we saved it from her mum she died. She is very happy now she can balance herself and she looks very healthy. When I get home from school I go straight to her little blanket that we rap her in at night time.

    By Mia

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