Welcome Back Everyone and QuadBlogging

Hi Class

Welcome back to school for an exciting and fast paced year. Next week we are joining with a QuadBlog so that we can have a bigger audience to communicate with. The other three schools are located in Cheshire, England; Manchester, England and Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

The way that a QuadBlog works is that the schools take turns being responsible for running the ‘conversation’ online for a week. For example, our class is responsible for week 3 and we will post information about our community and then the other three schools will comment on our blog.

Your challenge is the following:

1. Think of a question you would like to ask students on one of the other Blogs.

2. What sorts of things do you think students from England and Scotland would like to know about us?

Good luck and well done Class for settling into a new year so quickly and cheerfully.

Kind regards

Ms T


3 thoughts on “Welcome Back Everyone and QuadBlogging

  1. Hi Class

    I would like to know what sort of food people eat in Scotland; is it winter where you are; what is your daily routine and how do you sound.
    I think the schools in England and Scotland would like to know that Tasmania is lush and green but at the moment we are having a drought, it is summer and we have had a lot of bushfires.

    Thank you

  2. Hello,

    Our Scottish food is shortbread & haggis and we have 2 Polish people in our class me (Amelia) and Dominik.

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