Tasmanian Bush Fires

Hello everyone

Well the first week of 2013 has been a very sad one for Tasmanians. Our friends and colleagues at Dunalley lost their school and many students there have lost their homes too.

Fortunately, Tasmanians are very generous and people are already donating to help those who have been affected. I went to the Hobart Showgrounds yesterday and there were many people, who had to evacuate their homes, camping with their horses. There was a large room filling up with animal food, a man donated 100 bales of hay and people were streaming in with bags of clothes and blankets.

Up in the Derwent Valley a major fire at Lake Repulse has been burning for days. At the Showground I spoke to a lady from Ellendale who told me that she had evacuated with her horses (who were about to have their foals). She could not go home for at least another four days. Her son just graduated from Year 10 at our school!

There have also been fires at Bushy Park, Ellendale, Karanja, Black Hills and Macquarie Plains. Fingers crossed that none of our classmates have had to evacuate and that their families, animals and properties are safe. You can get an update on the fires from the Tasmanian Fire Service page.

You are welcome to leave a message to lift the spirit of the students who have had to leave home, have family members in the fire brigades fighting the fires or are watching the fires, not knowing what will happen.

To my students; these past few days I have been constantly thinking about you and hoping you are all okay. If you need anything, leave a ‘comment’ and I will call your parents.

From Ms T

26 thoughts on “Tasmanian Bush Fires

  1. Hi everyone,

    I hope you are all having a relaxing break and are not isolated because of the fires, like me at Port Arthur. I also hope the fires have not directly affected any of you. It was very sad to hear about the fire at Dunalley.

    On a brighter note I took my daughter to see The Hobbit. She thought it was good but I could tell she found reading the book much better. The 3D special effects were very impressive.

    Take care and make sure you tell all the people you love just how much you care about them.

    Mr Wells

    • Hi Mr Wells,

      Hope everything is okay from the hospital. Hope you had a fantastic Easter break from Glenora students{and teachers as well}.

      See you around soon.
      From Alice

  2. Hello

    I live in Missouri USA. My nephew, his wife and three sons live in Tasmania and I do hope that they are OK. Fires are never fun for anyone to go through. Take care and keep well.

    From Diane

    • Thank you Diane for thinking of us in Tasmania during a stressful January. Now the north of the country is experiencing dire flooding!
      From Ms T

  3. Hello everyone

    Well where do I begin? My dad has 400 acres at Lake Repulse (ed: the scene of a major fire in Tasmania). My dad had to evacuate from our home. The fireman gave my dad the all clear to go home but it is not over yet!

    It was a good thing for me that while the fire was happening, I was in Ulverstone on the water slide and having fun!


    From Mia

    • Hi Mia

      Everyone is all safe now and it’s all over and done with. A big hug from me I miss you all ready. Happy Easter to you and your family.

      From Jazzy :]

  4. Hi class

    It has been a sad few weeks for me. We got two ferrets but a few days later we found one dead in his cage but the the other one is okay and is strong and playful. The one that died was Taio (he was brown, white and black) the other one is little Jojo (he is white with black eyes). Quick Fact: a female ferret dies if it does not mate with a ferret.

    There is some exciting news. Mum saw a baby bat on the wall inside the house. I think it was a Vampire bat. I was going to put it in a box until dark but I put it in a towel to get a photo of it but it managed to fly away outside.

    My sister went on a camp with the Youth Group and was gone for a week. Some of the things she did on camp were:
    =going down a waterfall
    =seeing a platypus
    =going to the mountain springs

    I missed her like crazy.

    From Stephanie

  5. Hi Ms Thomsett,
    I used to be a teacher at your school four years ago and I taught the Prep-One class. This means that you must have some of my ex-students. Please say ‘hi’ to them for me and see if they remember me.

    Miss Pearson

  6. Hello everybody

    The recent fire (in the Derwent Valley) was very scary for me to see. From my house it was like a big bomb going off. It must of been very scary for people living in Ellendale. When I drive through Ellendale it all looks very scary for them!

    Regards, Jazmyn :)

  7. Hello everyone,
    sounds like you had a rough start to the year. I hope it gets better. Stay strong everyone we’ve been through alot here in christchurch. We had an earthquake. Everyone took forever to settle down then just when we were settled another earthquake happened. 185 died in 2010. I hope no-one died. All the best from everyone in 8C.

  8. Hello everyone,

    I’m from Selwyn House School in Christchurch. My Grandmother lives in Broadfield where we had fires as well. She was really lucky, her house survived but all of her fields and everything. Her neighbours were in the paper because they didn’t have any insurance, they lost everything except their dog.

    Are you all okay? I hope you can move on and make a new leaf like we’re doing with the earthquakes. Wish you all the best!

    From Juliette

  9. hi were kalina and kiale we would like to know what time your school starts because makethill school starts at 9:00 and our school ends at 3:20.hope to hear from your class soon.

    • Hi Jess

      Our school starts at 8.55 and ends at 3.05. Our teacher’s name is Ms
      Thomsett and she’s a nice teacher.

      from Jazmyn :]

    • Hey Sophie and Claire,

      Yes we all stayed safe a few people in Dunalley lost their homes and their school. It was scary for my friend who almost lost her home.

      From J :]

    • Hi Jack and Cameron
      We have twenty three students in our class. Many of them live on farms and many others come from families who have lived in the area for generations.
      One of my students told me that she lives on five thousand acres, has thirteen thousand sheep and their property stretches along the highway for nine kilometres.
      From Ms T

    • We have 27 students in our class, most of them are boys and we have got 10 girls. We live in a busy town. We don’t have many farms near us but we have one called Reddish Vale, Reddish Vale is also a Country park and is a lake where you can feed ducks.

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