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Dot Point Practise

Hi Class

Your activity to practise this week is to answer the following question using dot points.

What do you most look forward to being able to do when you grow up and finish school?

Remember to have fun and let your imaginations go wild! :)

Hi Class

I’d love to read your thoughts about what you would change in the world if you had the superpowers to change one thing.


- capital letters

- a variety of punctuation

- interesting sentence starters

- using highlights like B (bold) or I (italics) and

- your wonderful, wild imaginations.

Mrs R

New Year New Class

Hi Class 3/4

Welcome to your first year of blogging. I believe you will love publishing your work, commenting on others’ posts and seeing many different and interesting ways of presenting information.

To get started, you need to create a comment below this post by answering the following question:

What are two school goals you have for this Term?

Then you will need to comment on someone else’s post.

Remember our blogging rules:

* Don’t use your real name.

* Use formal English (capital letters, punctuation, correct grammar, interesting vocabulary).

* When commenting on someone else’s blog, be constructive and ask a question to keep the conversation going.

* I will be moderating all of your comments before they go live on our blog and we will be marking some of them in class.

But most of all – HAVE FUN!

Happy blogging from Mrs R :)

Hi everyone

This week our class held a morning tea fundraiser to raise funds to support the homeless through the Street Swags program. Each swag costs $60 and we raised enough money to purchase four swags.

The students had a fantastic time organising the morning tea, making their items, setting up the tables and pricing the food. We had over 26 plates of food for sale and the students put a lot of energy into selling the yummy goodies to their peers and staff.

I asked Charlie to write her thoughts about the experience of organising an event that will benefit the community and these are her thoughts (verbatim):

On Tuesday the 10th of December, Class 3/4 did a fundraiser. It was to raise money for the homeless. We raised $232.90. We have got over the amount of money we expected. I have learnt that I only need a little bit of money to change someone’s life.

It was a very successful day. I liked tring to perswade people to buy Jelly Slice. I didn’t like taking breaks. I just loved selling my Jelly slice. It felt really good to help other people.

I was getting feedback from allsorts of people. They were saying: They are so nice, they are delisous, Oh My God they’re so nice and I was pleased with the feed-back I was getting. I now know to make them again at the next stall. I’m bursting with joy that we have helped 4 people. I was amazed we made $232.90. It was appauling how some people went to the canteen instead of our stall. It was an amazing day. Charlie

A great result from a great class. Well done everyone. Always remember that you can make anything happen if you put your mind to it.

Ms T



Marine Discovery Centre!

On  the 20/11/13 we went into room 2 to the Marine Discovery Centre (which had come to our school for two days). When we got there we had to sit on the mat and listen to Andrew Walsh, the person that worked there. He had a telescope and put a crab, star fish and a sea snail under the microscope so we could see it on the Smartboard. Then he gave us an activity to do and we where picking up stuff. It was cool. IT WAS FUN!

I just would like to say a huge thanks to Ms T for organising all this for us.

And a huge thanks to Andrew for coming all the way to our school.


Figurative Language

Well Class 3/4 you have been doing an amazing job of writing using figurative language devices such as puns, spoonerisms, similes and metaphors.

Your task this week is to:

1. Type your draft story as a final piece of writing.

2. Incorporate teacher corrections.

3. Self-edit your work by checking for the following:

- paragraphs

- punctuation

- grammar

- correct use of capitals

- using a variety of openers and saying verbs

Good luck and have fun.

Ms T

Our First Fleet work

Hi everyone

Our class has been doing some great work on the cause and effect of the reasons that Australia was chosen as the destination for the First Fleet. Please view the link and see some of the work that was presented in a recent school assembly.

Ms T

Hi Class 3/4

From our visual thinking work on ‘Protecting the Marine Environment’, write your short stories / passages so you can have practise typing and editing your work.

Good luck.

From Ms T

Hi. Everyone,

In art we have been making our own art journals with paper we have made over the term like: bubble paintings, wax resists, rock salt papers and free drawings as well.

I hope you have liked what we have been doing.

From Sophie


Hi Everybody,

The class 3/4 have been working with a guy named Andrew and we are doing an expedition with  him on the internat. People have been asking some interesting questions. Hope to see more interesting questions grade 3/4. Hope we learn heaps more.

Thanks so much Mrs T and Andrew for making Andrew come all the way.

From Jazmyn xo

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