Our Goats

I live on a small farm with my family and we own boer and angora cross goats. We used to own just angora goats and before that we had cashmere goats.

Our goats had babies a few weeks ago. Their names are Spot, Dot, Little Star, Pip, Smudge and Rose. They all have brown heads and white bodies, but different markings and personalities.

It is now October and Giddy has been born. Sadly 2 weeks later we found him in the river, drowned. ='( so sad.

Boer goats are meat goats and brown, white and smooth whereas angora goats are fleece goats and are white and curly. The boers are stronger and cope better in bad weather. They both sound the same and eat pretty much the same food.

I love watching them bouncing around their favourite place: the hill. They all like to nibble. Their favourite things to nibble are shoes, feet and fists but Rose’s is my trousers. Their bite is unforgettable because of their little sharp teeth.

Did you know cashmeres are also fleece goats?

If you own a farm what animals do you have?  Would you like a goat for a pet and why?

16 thoughts on “Our Goats

  1. Hi Gabrielle

    Miss Wyatt told me about how hard everyone from your class has been working on your student blogs.

    Looks like you are going well!

    I’m looking forward to when Miss Wyatt shows you how to add photos to your blog posts so you can show us what your different goats look like and share photos of your baby goats.

    I’ve never lived on a farm. Unfortunately I have allergies and I probably would have problems having a goat as a pet.

    Sue Waters
    Edublogs Support Manager

  2. Hi Gabrielle
    You are doing a great job with your Blog.
    It was fantastic actually getting to meet two of your baby goats, they were so cute. You know a lot about your goats and I have learnt quite a lot reading your post.
    Keep Blogging Ms B

  3. Dear Gabrielle,

    You have written a lively and descriptive piece about your goats. In fact you paint an excellent word picture and I can see them in my mind’s eye. I particularly liked your description of how they move i.e. your use of the very ‘bouncing’.

    Where I live in Wicklow, Ireland there are some wild goats and some farmers also keep them for their milk and make cheese. But they are regular goats. They are ordinary breeds, not exotic like the angora and cashmere you describe.

    I don’t live on a farm, but if I did I would feel that goats would be a very good addition to have because they have character and personality.

    And my question for you … Other than goats, what animals do you like?

    Well done on your excellent work.

    With every good wish,

    • Hi Merrybeau,
      Ireland sounds like a great place with all those wild goats and I’d like to go there one day. Other then goats I like dogs, lizards, big cats, dolphins, birds infact I can’t think of any animal I don’t like.

      Bye thanks for the comment. Gabby

  4. Hi Gabrielle,
    It sounds like you are very interested in goats and different kinds of goats. Why do you like goats so much? If you have other animals on your farm, what animal is your favorite and why?

    Bye for now, Jacob

    • Hi Jacob,
      I like goats because I have spent my whole life with them and they’re soooooo cute. If I had an exotic animal it would probably be my favourite because that would be awesome, but right now I don’t have a favourite animal because all my animals are so sweet.

      Bye, and thanks for commenting, tell your friends. Gabby

  5. Dear Gabrielle,
    Even though I have never even had one goat before, I would love to have goats. I want them because their so cute, especially the small ‘ kids ‘. Since I have visited your house, I’ve seen your goats before, and they just seem so sweet! Although, the babies would leave hairs and dirt on your clothes when you hold them. (Known by experience)My question for you is, do the ‘ kids ‘ ever annoy you by jumping on you?…Or even pooping on you?!!
    Bye, Imogen.

    • Hi Imogen,
      No my ‘kids’ have never pooped on me well not that I remember anyway and they try to keep as far away from any other species as possible so no jumping on people.

      Bye thanks for the comment. Gabby

  6. Hi Gabrielle,
    Well done on your interesting blog post. You have used lots of great adjectives and verbs. An excellent time and effort.
    Your goats are extremely cute and I would like to take one home in my school bag! It sounds like they can get up to mischief and be a little bit naughty.
    I do not own a farm but I have visited some different farms around Northern Tasmania.
    I would love to have a goat as they are adorable and funny. Their fur is as soft as silk and their voice is as precious as gold.
    Although goats would be a lot of hard work I would love one.
    Other than these hilarious creatures, what are some of your other favourite animals? Why?
    See you in class,

    • Hi Annabel,
      Thanks for the kind words. Goats aren’t that hard to look after one would be easy peasy, all you need is a reasonably big patch of grass, a pile of hay for the winter, a small shed if it rains, and a place to drench ( that’s medicine not water) and tag the goat and if you’re a beginner a goat book.
      As for your question I can’t choose an animal, I love them all.

      Bye, Gabby

  7. Hi Gabby,
    I am so sad that I could not see you little goat kids.
    Your blog looks astonishing I feel like I am in the stars that is right bellow six creepy houses.
    How many years have you owned the farm..

    • Hi Nihad,
      I’m sad to that you missed out. I’m glad you like my blog.
      As for your question well my family have lived on this farm since I was 3 before that we lived on about 3 farms one whenI was born and 2 before.

      Bye, Gabby

  8. Hi Gabby,
    I love the background you chose, it’s so pretty and cute at the top and spooky yet cool at the bottom. I saw nipcu and gave him a few treats; he made my little sister Ruby cry because I forgot to turn the volume down. You did a great post about your goats if I could have even 1 I would be thrilled. Can’t wait read your next post.
    Love your blog. bye, Tahlia

  9. Hi Tahlia,
    Thanks I like my background to and it really suits my birthday.
    I hope Nipcu didn’t scare Ruby to bad and remember to respect the power of the dog bark. I’m glad you like my blog. See you later Tahlia.


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