WW2: Task 9

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You need to write a paragraph response to the following statement.

WW2 changed the balance of power on the world stage and had a lasting impact on Australia’s international relationships. Looking at the United Nations, Britain, the US and Asia describe how the relationships of power changed and how this affected Australia and its alliances.

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  1. The balance of power changed from before WW2 and after WW2. Britain was a huge power at the end of WW1 and WW2 but they had lost so much and didn’t have the economic resources to maintain their power on the world stage. So then the Americans became a major power, they had lots of money and did have the economic resources. During the World Wars Australia were allied with Britain, but when the Japanese targeted Australia in WW2, Britain didn’t come to help. The Americans did. The help from the Americans led to a treaty after 10 years called the ANZUS.

  2. Task 9
    Since japan started to progress up the ranks and looked like it would be soon be a rival. The US stopped giving japan oil (which was 90% of their oil) Japan had no fossil fuels and needed oil to run, that infuriated japan so they bombed pearl harbour. This action brought the US into WW2. Australia was originally in an alliance with Great Britain but when Australia needed help with the Japanese, Britain was the last to answer, ten years after the attack on pearl harbour, the US and Australia made a treaty (ANZUS). Since then Australia has been in an alliance with both the US and Great Britain.

    Britain and Germany were the strongest powers at the start of WW2. Due to the war Germany was spread thin and Britain was returning fire. America was on standby until the bombing of pearl harbour. Near the end of the war America obliterated Japan with two atomic bombs, since then America has been the most feared and most powerful nation.

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