Gr 10: Racism and Discrimination

Hi Guys,

I’m asking you to reflect on these topics before you start your next assessment piece. Think about the evidence of racism and discrimination you have found from your studies of the Holocaust and analysing the themes in ‘Schindlers List’ and ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’.

Post an answer to the follow question:

What evidence can you find in today’s society that the impact of racism and discrimination is still as evident as it was at the time of WW2.

My suggestion would be to guide your thinking towards issues arising from religious intolerance or instances that arise from a lack of support for the principles set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Look further than our own backyard… consider other countries civil conflicts and inter country disputes.


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2 thoughts on “Gr 10: Racism and Discrimination

  1. I thought I would start with a comment to give you an idea.
    Recently 300 Nigerian girls were abducted from their school by a group whose name translates to mean, “Western education is prohibited, is forbidden.” Boko Haram ( the group who performed the abduction) declared in a video that God had told him to sell the girls into slavery and they see no reason for a girl child to require any form of education.
    Is it not this type of militant action hidden behind a claim of religious right or moral superiority that allowed the Holocaust to occur in the first place. Hitler believed in a ‘superior, pure blooded Aryan race’ and his quest to achieve this saw him eliminate all those who didn’t comply.

  2. Discrimination in ‘Schindlers list’ was show by the treatment of the Jews. Their religion played a big part in the Holocaust because that was why the Jews got put into camps. In the ‘Boy in striped pyjamas’ this was illustrated when to two boys meet for the first time and Bruno did not understand what is going on and he can’t work out why they are not allowed out. Discrimination occurred right thought history like the Stolen generations 1909 t0 1969. They were Discrimination against because of their race and because of that they got taken away from the people they know and also their homes. The people who took them away thought it would be better for them to be put into white society, so they were educated, and received a better upbringing.

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