Meet The Rocking Rollins

Dear 3A

To get our blog started I would like each of your to make a post that tells other people a little bit about you. You need to come up with at least 3 interesting facts about yourself.

Mrs Rollins

17 thoughts on “Meet The Rocking Rollins

  1. Dear mrs rollins
    I like to play with my lego.
    I like to play with bricks and wood.
    I like to play with my Dog.
    from Oskar.

  2. Dear Mrs Rollins,

    3 things about me

    . I love chocolate!

    . I like riding my bike:)

    . I love helping other people
    From Chloe A

  3. Dear mrs Rollins
    i play football for a locaL Club.
    my favourite movie is warrior.
    my favourite team is carlton.

    from Jaidyn

  4. Dear Mrs Rollins,
    My favourite things to do is play with my dog bonnie.She is really cute.I like playing on my for wheeler with my friends I all so do gymnastics.from zoe.

  5. Dear Mrs Rollins,

    7 things I like

    . I love chocolate.
    . I like Horses.
    . I like Motorbike Rideing.
    . I like My friends chloe and zoe.
    . I like school.
    . I like my teachr mrs rollins.
    . I like my animals.
    . I like helping people when there stuck on something
    From Haylee

  6. Dear Mrs Rollins

    I like football and soccer.
    my favourite movie is get Rich or Die Trying and my favourite food is pizza

    from Corey

  7. Dear Mrs Rolling
    My favourite football team is Carlton.
    My favourite movie is Cars 2.
    I play soccer for a local club.

    from Oscar.

  8. G’day Rocking Rollins,
    Here are three interesting facts about me.

    1. I have travelled to lots of countries but really enjoyed visiting Egypt where I climbed up through the inside of a pyramid.

    2. When I was a lot younger, I was a member of the Guide movement as a Brownie, then a Guide, a Brownie Leader, a Guide Leader and finally a Ranger Guide Leader.

    3. I have retired from teaching but still visit schools to talk about blogging and helping teachers and students start their own blogs.

    From Miss W.

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