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Tia’s Favourite Things!


Here are some of my favourite games I like to play, songs I like to listen to and some TV shows I like to watch.

Some of my favourite games I like to play is, run the gauntlet because it is a really fun running around as well as dodging balls at the same time. I also like to play flags, you get to have fun playing the jail guard, the flag guard or just running to try and get the flag. Another game I like to play is king dodge ball because you can still get people out when you have been hit out of the game.

Some of my favourite songs are Sitting on Top of The World by Delta Goodrem, Call Me Maybe but I don’t know who that is by and What Makes You beautiful by One direction.

My favourite TV shows are Home and Away and Neighbours because they are like real like and have drama. I also like the voice because I like hearing people sing.

Thank you for reading my favourite things!

What are your favourite things?


  1. G’day Tia,
    What a great post! Those games and TV shows must be liked by many people your age. I can remember playing and watching them when I was about to turn a teenager – many, many years ago.

  2. Hello Tia,

    Like you, I enjoy music in many forms. I have some Delta Goodrum songs in my iTunes. This isn’t surprising as I have nearly 14000 songs, musical pieces and sound effects on my iTunes. They help me in my DVD work.

    I can remember when One Direction first came to fame. They do have a good sound. One person I know runs a charity for children. The One Direction guys follow her on Twitter so she has some jealous friends. :)

    Some of my favourite things include photography, DVD production, hiking, blogging and blog commenting, music, science, and art.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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