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Hi my name is Connor, I have three sisters and one brother and their names are Kylie, Charrisa, Mollee and Jesse. I have a bird named Bob and a cat named Oscar. My favourite sweet is fruit and nut chocolate it is the best. My favourite instrument is the drums. My favourite sport is Aussie rules football.

Do you have a favourite sweet?

Do you have a favourite instrument?

Do you have a favourite sport?


  1. G’day Connor,
    I quite like fruit and nut chocolate but I also like the Old Gold rum and raisin as well.

    Do you play drums in a band? Have you played in an assembly at school?

  2. Hello Connor,

    You a good sized family so I know there is always someone around when you want company. I have only two brothers but, of course, we are now all adults.

    My favourite sweet is chocolate. My favourite instrument is the piano and, rather than sport, my favourite outdoor activity is hiking.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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