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My holidays


In the first week of holidays I went to ten pin bowling in Devenport and I got four strikes and six spares. After we finished  bowling my sister and I got ten dollars each on the toy machines. My sister won five stuffed toys and I won six small stuffed toys and one huge stuffed bull dog. I had an awesome holiday.

Have you been ten pin bowling before?

Have you ever got a strike?

Have you ever one a stuffed toy


  1. G’day Dwight,
    I used to play in a ten pin bowling team many years ago. I have just bought the Wii console which includes ten pin bowling as an interactive game. I am doing quite well on it.

  2. Hello Dwight,

    My town may not be very large but it is a tourist town so we have a place called Top Fun which has, I think 5 bowling lanes, games machines, laser tag and mini golf. There is also a fun park with rides, beaches and a lake so there are places to have fun.

    Over the years I have had many strikes but far more that weren’t. Bowling can be fun but my favourite activity is hiking.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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