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Bear Grylls


Hi, jimmy1006 here.

Have you heard of Bear Grylls ?

He is awesome!!! He has books, clothing, pocket knifes, but best of all he does the Man vs Wild TV show. In man vs wild bear goes out in the wildernes and tries to survive. My favourite episode is fan vs wild, which is were he gets two fans and takes them with him and they all have to survive together.

Do you watch man vs wild?

Do you like Bear Grylls?



  1. G’day Jimmy,
    I have seen a lot of the Man vs Wild shows. He has recently had some where he took celebrities away with him to survive. Did you see any of those programs?

  2. Hello Jimmy,

    I wasn’t certain if I had heard of Bear Grylls so I carried out an internet search and found I had heard of him and his Man vs Wild show. I think if I had to be a long way out in the wild I would like him at my side. I often hike in national parks alone but I am never too far from civilisation and always carry my mobile phone with me.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

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