My little brother or sister?

Hello, everyone

Today  I will do a Post about my little baby brother or sister that is going to be born on the 16th of November. Its going to  be a surprise if its a girl or boy!

Getting started:

On April the 14th my mum and dad found out my mum was pregnant she waited a few months till she told I was very excited when my mum told me she was pregnant! My mum has already had 2 children so she already knows how it feels to be pregnant.

Baby shower:

On the 16th of November my mum had a baby shower.. There were over 26 people who came . We played lots of games (I won most of them). We played this game where you couldn’t say baby for thee whole day which  was hard. We had a huge cake and lots of yummy snacks we played lots of games and had heaps of fun. Mum got tones of presents. The baby shower was in the back yard (the back yard was decorated) it all ended up to  be a great day.

I really cant wait to see her or him! I really hope its a girl and I think its a girl. Most people think its a girl to!

My question is do you think Its a girl or boy why?

Thanks, The blogger Caitlin





3 thoughts on “My little brother or sister?

  1. Hi, Miss W
    Its supposed to be born in December or January when im a big sister im going to swing her or him on the swing take them for walks when its older do her hair if its a girl. Also im never going to change a nappy ( yuck)…
    Thanks, Caitlin

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