Katy Perry ( Kathrine Elizabeth Hudson)

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Today I will be doing a post about the one and only Katy Perry! Katy Perry was born on October 23rd 1984.  Her star sign is Scorpio,When she was born her name was Kathrine Elizabeth Hudson. Her mum and dad where christian, She sang at a church till she was over 17 years old.  She wasn’t aloud to watch M t.v.  She was only aloud to read the bible. At 15 years her music caught peoples ears. That was when her name was changes from Kathrine turned into katy and Hudson turned into Perry. Her first number 1 hit was I kissed a girl. In 2010 she released a album called California girls it hit the top!  Katy Perry is the only singer that has got over 1 reward, for the one album ( although Micheal Jackson did once) She got married to man called Russel bran, she got married in India. She is the only singer that has ever got her song up the top for 40 weeks. She even created her own barbie in 2011. Also in 2011, she broke up with her husband but still strong! She became singer of the year……

Cool pics of her :

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream
Photo Credit: Daniel Suarez™ via Compfight


Awesome videos of her singing (my favorite is Roar)


Unconditionally  (official)


My question is do you like katy Perry? What is your favorite song by her?

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  1. Hello Caitlin,
    I also love her and think I am her biggest fan as you may think you are:)
    I might even get to go see her because I am hoping for tickets to go see her.

    I have also done 5 posts on Katy Perry my latest one I have done is a about 2-3 days ago here is the site I have also done a Katy Perry pole so if I counted that I have done 6 posts on Katy.
    Your Friend,

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