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Hi everyone today I will be doing a post about Other cool blogs

There are lots of great blogs in the world but there are a few that caught my eye while looking at others. I saw 1 that really caught my eye. The first one that I love is called !Roar! Its very nice looking I like how she had categorizes and tags that kept her blog tidy. The blog is very good it has 454 visitors… Her name is Mackenzie, she made a awesome Animoto on her blog witch is very nice and good set. Mackenzie’s Posts are all very necessary and long and has lots of punctuation.  I like how Mackenzie did a voting poll it really made her blog fun. Her blog hasent got any boring school work her blog is fun and exciting to read! I love her blog and her back ground. Please visit her blog she needs more visiters visit her blog at she wins blogger of the month

Thanks, Caitlin :)

2 thoughts on “Super duper fantastic blog

  1. Hi Mackenzie,
    I really like your blog because it has a nice border and it was interesting. You told us about other peoples blogs.
    From Brodey and Cameron

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