My Baby Sister Stella

Hey everyone,

Today im going to tell you about my baby sister Stella. She was born on the 21st of January 2014 at 4.40 pm. She has brown hair, her head is very small she weighed 7 pounds. Her length was 49 cm , She was mums 3rd child.

In the last four months she has been around she has learnt how to blow raspberry’s,smile,frown, grab things and more. She is really good at frowning and getting her own way.

Stella’s favorite song is Happy. Her favorite thing to do is watch T.V. She also loves to play on her play mat. She has been on many adventures witch has made her grow up faster. She just got back from South Australia, she had a great time.

She is adorable and has a great future ahead of her,

Caitlin xox



I am Caitlin


Today I will share a piece of writing  I have written at my school :)

I am creative and imaginative,

I wonder why the sky is blue,

I hear the sound of waves splashing,

I want to go to the Olympic for gymnastics,

I am creative and imaginative.

I pretend to be a famous gymnast,

I feel like I’m only 6 years old.



Student 2012 awesome blogs!

Hi, everyone

Today I will be doing a post about peoples blog that have caught my eye during looking at the students blogs, sadly I only get to pick  so I have. I still really enjoy everyone elses blog out there. It was very hard for me to choose………

Come and somersault with Sarah! 

Was one of my absolute favorite! One of the best things about her blog is that it is set out nice and tidy. She also has pictures to match her writing. I also love that she loves gymnastics because I do too. She always explains her post clearly. She also has videos that make people more interested. She normally does posts about her interests witch lets people get to know her better. She normally always reply to comments and at least does a post  at least twice a month (How does she have enough time to have a blog and do soo many things at the same time?)  She also has cool widgets. The thing she probably needs to inprove on is maybe doing a few more posts teaching people to do something… Visit her blog by going to, I really enjoy her blog!

Danas dazzling blogs

This blog is also a FANTASTIC blog! It has interesting fact and she involves the people reading it in her blog ( Exaple: she asks people questions). She also explained a site called movie star planet I already had that app but still I didn’t know that much about it. She also has pictures and cool widgets. She also does at least 1 post a month. She has 1,035 visitors because her blog is so excellent and everyone loves it. She also got nominated best blog of 2012 last year! The thing she needs to work on is not soo much colours everywhere maybe slow down on the flashing writing with all the colors that say like ( question time) her blog is fantastic visit it by going to

 Amy M’s Creative Mind

Is Also one of my favorites. The post I love on her blog is the post with all her pictures she is a talented artist. Her pictures match her posts. She has also chosen a very neat title.  Her widgets are very nice and her blog has neat posts. Her background even matches her title…. She has a nice glogster. She has over 6,00 visitors.  Her posts are all very necessary and just are perfect. She was even nominated for the best blog 2012! The thing she needs to work on is probably dont always do it on the same topic maybe have a few different topics..  Visit her cool blog by going to

My question is Whos blog is the best out of these and why?

Thanks, Caitlin :)

Katy Perry ( Kathrine Elizabeth Hudson)

Hi, Everyone

Today I will be doing a post about the one and only Katy Perry! Katy Perry was born on October 23rd 1984.  Her star sign is Scorpio,When she was born her name was Kathrine Elizabeth Hudson. Her mum and dad where christian, She sang at a church till she was over 17 years old.  She wasn’t aloud to watch M t.v.  She was only aloud to read the bible. At 15 years her music caught peoples ears. That was when her name was changes from Kathrine turned into katy and Hudson turned into Perry. Her first number 1 hit was I kissed a girl. In 2010 she released a album called California girls it hit the top!  Katy Perry is the only singer that has got over 1 reward, for the one album ( although Micheal Jackson did once) She got married to man called Russel bran, she got married in India. She is the only singer that has ever got her song up the top for 40 weeks. She even created her own barbie in 2011. Also in 2011, she broke up with her husband but still strong! She became singer of the year……

Cool pics of her :

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream
Photo Credit: Daniel Suarez™ via Compfight


Awesome videos of her singing (my favorite is Roar)


Unconditionally  (official)


My question is do you like katy Perry? What is your favorite song by her?

Thanks your fan, Caitlin


My little brother or sister?

Hello, everyone

Today  I will do a Post about my little baby brother or sister that is going to be born on the 16th of November. Its going to  be a surprise if its a girl or boy!

Getting started:

On April the 14th my mum and dad found out my mum was pregnant she waited a few months till she told I was very excited when my mum told me she was pregnant! My mum has already had 2 children so she already knows how it feels to be pregnant.

Baby shower:

On the 16th of November my mum had a baby shower.. There were over 26 people who came . We played lots of games (I won most of them). We played this game where you couldn’t say baby for thee whole day which  was hard. We had a huge cake and lots of yummy snacks we played lots of games and had heaps of fun. Mum got tones of presents. The baby shower was in the back yard (the back yard was decorated) it all ended up to  be a great day.

I really cant wait to see her or him! I really hope its a girl and I think its a girl. Most people think its a girl to!

My question is do you think Its a girl or boy why?

Thanks, The blogger Caitlin





Super duper fantastic blog

Hi everyone today I will be doing a post about Other cool blogs

There are lots of great blogs in the world but there are a few that caught my eye while looking at others. I saw 1 that really caught my eye. The first one that I love is called !Roar! Its very nice looking I like how she had categorizes and tags that kept her blog tidy. The blog is very good it has 454 visitors… Her name is Mackenzie, she made a awesome Animoto on her blog witch is very nice and good set. Mackenzie’s Posts are all very necessary and long and has lots of punctuation.  I like how Mackenzie did a voting poll it really made her blog fun. Her blog hasent got any boring school work her blog is fun and exciting to read! I love her blog and her back ground. Please visit her blog she needs more visiters visit her blog at she wins blogger of the month

Thanks, Caitlin :)

stands for

Hi Everyone

Today we will be learning what small words stand for,

Btw means by the way you use that sentence when your saying like by the way my names caitlin.

Lol there is too meaning but the one I like Is Laugh out loud  when someone is being funny you say LOL

Gtg means Got to go, lots of people use it when there is a hurry to go somewhere

brb means be right back, you use it when you will be gone for a minute

Omg, The most obvious one oh my good. You use that when your surprised

Rotfl, Is the hardest one it means roll on the floor laughing, thats used when someone tell a joke.

AFL, Stands Australian football league

Thanks for learning with me,  Caitlin

Voting for songs

Hi, everyone

For a bit of change today I will be doing a poll. Here is it..


what is your favorite song out of free polls 

If you dont know theese songs than look them up on youtube

Thanks, Caitlin

Jai Waetford

Hi, everyone

Today I will do a post about Jai waetford. Jai is my favorite singer he is only 14 years old and have really good vocals. Jai went on the X factor and came 3rd when one direction was on the X factor they came 3rd to. Jai   has a good personality and has good connections to the audience. Jai is soo cute most girls love him. hers some information about him


  • NAME: Jai Waetford
    AGE: 14
    TWITTER: @JaiWaetford
    INSTAGRAM: @officialjaiwaetford
    AUDITION SONG: “Different Worlds” – Jes Hudak / “Don’t Let Me Go” (Original)
    SUPER BOOTCAMP SONGS: “Titanium” – David Guetta ft. Sia / “Last Request” – Paolo Nutini / “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” – Taylor Swift
    HOME VISIT SONG: “Always On My Mind” – Elvis


    MUSICAL INFLUENCES: Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Guy Sebastian, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder
    FAVOURITE SONG: Too many to choose.

    My question is do you like jai? do you watch X factor?

    here is a video