Using mobile devices in your room

Nearpod: I was very impressed with this collaboration tool where the teacher has control over the student devices in real time, can see who has logged out and who is in attendance. Check out the school version where you can have up to 100 students using at the same time. They can also be on any computer not necessarily an ipad and can be using any browser. Follow on twitter and facebook and watch their videos.

Showbie:  is a way to assign, collect and review student work on ipads – paperfree classroom

Display note – share content on your computer with lots of students using multiple devices?

Symbaloo includes a free app to use on mobile devices – create share and organize in the cloud. Lots of resources already curated by other teachers. Basic version free, but can purchase class, school or district licenses.

Want to find some great apps for your students? Check out apps4edu.

Want to create stopmotion on your ipads? New app available for about $10 US

Another place to check out lots of educational apps here at Super Duper.