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Using flickrcc to find images

This is probably the easiest way to find images to use in your blog post. But some schools have this site blocked so you might need to check with your IT co-ordinator. How do you use it? In your blog dashboard, you write your post that is going to include an image. Go to the […]

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Using pics4learning to find images

This is a great website where all images are available for educational blogs, wikis, powerpoints and projects etc as long as you give attribution for the image. On the website is a page giving you tips for searching. Looking at this will teach you better search techniques and will make your searching time more effective. […]

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How to: find and insert images

A post looks a lot more interesting if you have included an image, as long as it relates to the topic you are writing about. But where can you get these images? I’ll Google it NO NO NO Not every image on the web can be used in your blog. You need to find ones […]

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