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Blogging and recording - all at onceNow that your class has been blogging for a few months and your students know how to write quality comments, maybe you want to start making connections overseas. One of the easiest ways to do this is to take part in the student and class blogging challenge.

I run this twice a year and the next one starts on 8th September. It lasts for ten weeks and every Sunday I publish a new challenge. You can do the activities in the challenge or you can just visit other blogs and leave comments.

You can register your class blog here and if your students have their own blogs, students can register here. Maybe there are some teachers at your school who might be interested in helping to mentor some students. Visit student blogs 3 times over ten weeks and leave some comments. Mentors register here.

In the March challenge, there were about 200 classes and 1200 students from 18 countries taking part.

Sue Waters, from Edublogs, has put together a Flipboard magazine about the challenge and you might want to check that out. It contains lots of posts written by students and classes. We will also have a flipboard magazine for the September challenge and both will be linked on the sidebar of the challenge blog.

Here is a link to the classes already registered and also one for the students who have their own blogs registered.

Maybe your students enjoy being scientists. I found this project called “Explore the Seafloor” where students look at images of the seafloor and have to pinpoint kelp and sea urchins. The project is only on during August, so get in there and be real life scientists.

Photo Credit: Jacob Bøtter via Compfight

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