Blooms Taxonomy and apps

Scrabble! of sortsMany students and classes now have ipads in their rooms. While I was at the conference in San Antonio Texas, I went to a few sessions mentioning apps.

Here is a list of those recommended if you use Bloom’s Taxonomy in your lessons.

Stack the States (free and $1)
WordWeb Dictionary (free)
Flashcards Deluxe Lite (free and $4)
Google Search (free)

Skitch (free)
Spacecraft 3D (free)
What Does Not Belong? (free)
Flipboard (free)
Word Seek HD (free)

Educreations (free)
Xperica (free and $4)
MindMash (free)
Slice It! ($1)

Cargo-Bot (free)
QuickGraph (free)
Wolfram Alpha $3
PollDaddy (free and subscription)
NASA Visualization Explorer (free)

Nearpod (free and subscription)
Socrative (free)
Side by Side ($2)
InDecision ($1)

Puppet Pals HD (free)
Inspiration Maps Lite (free and $10)
WordFoto ($2)
iStop Motion ($10)
Comic Touch Lite (free)
Comic Life ($5)
iMovie ($5)
Garage Band ($5)

Many thanks to David Pownell for the link to his website where he mentions all the apps.

Do you have any other apps you would recommend under each section of the taxonomy?

If you are using ipads for blogging, I recommend the Edublogs app  with the campus set up. Please try some of these apps at home or in the classroom and in the comments leave something positive about the app.
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