Welcome to a new year of blogging!

As you may have noticed, we have a lot more class blogs listed on the links in the sidebar. This is because many teachers took part in some professional development during the school holidays and began learning about using a class blog as part of their curriculum.

Some teachers have decided to keep their blogs private at this stage until they have taught their students about quality commenting and how to write great posts. But most blogs are open to the world, so please start visiting them and connecting students within our state. If you want to know what the posts are about, check out the widget on the right sidebar  “Posts from all our blogs”.

Here are some great posts from last year and some from this year that your students might like to comment on:

You will all be receiving a copy of this post in your email because I have added all the teachers and students who are administrators of blogs to the blog subscription list. That way, you will know every time I have written a post. All the posts will help you in some way to improve your blog or topics to write about on your blogs.

If you need any help with your blog, just send me a message by email (see widget on right sidebar) or use the blog inbox where I am tasteach.

Good luck with the blogging in 2013.

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