G’day from Australia

January 26 is Australia Day. Did you and your family do anything special to celebrate? I found this great video – watch it and see how many different typical Aussie icons you can recognize. In the comment area, leave some information about that icon or what your family did.


12 thoughts on “G’day from Australia

  1. Miss W,
    I had a fantastic Australia Day. I went to a BBQ at a friends house and then went along to the Australian Open. It was great to see the Womens final live on the big screen.

  2. G’day Miss W,

    I love Australia Day, it’s a good chance to hang out with friends and family and listen to Triple J’s latest hottest 100. Did you have a “Let’s Celebrate Australia Day” party?


  3. I don’t celebrate Australia Day as I think it is a contentious date and insensitive to Aboriginal people. A new date should be set to celebrate the diversity and spirit that exists today.

  4. Hi Miss W,
    I had a very quiet Australia Day…enjoyed going out to dinner with my husband and catching up with the tennis but didn’t do anything specific to Aust Day celebrations.

  5. I avoided Australia Day celebrations as I think it is all a tad over the top. Sure Australia is a great place to live but until our Indigenous people are recogized in the constitution and those seeking refuge are welcomed with open arms I won’t be celebrating Australia Day.

  6. Dear Miss W,
    At our school in England we had a special ‘Australia Day’ lunch menu. The children had not heard of Australia Day before, so it made us look it up and find out a little bit more!
    Great Blog!
    Mrs Monaghan
    A Room with a View (Class 2), UK

    • G’day Mrs M and class,
      Thanks for the great comment. What sort of food did you have for your Australia Day lunch? I hope it included vegemite, lamingtons, meat pies, pavlova and peach melba.

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