Will I still use my class blog next year?

It is now getting to that time of year when things in and around the classroom are being tidied up. One thing you are going to have to think about is your class blog.

Are you going to continue blogging next year?

I hope your answer is YES.

If you are moving schools, you can still use the same blog if it is under your name rather than a school name. That blog with your name belongs to you, no matter what school you are at.

Early next year, you will need to add in your new students – I read that the Department is changing student email addresses, so you will need to know their new address or else use the Gmail+1 hack like a couple of teachers have.  Remember the only reason students need an email address is in case they forget their password to get into the blog. If you need to learn how to use the Gmail addresses, contact me early in 2013 and I will give you some help otherwise check out this YouTube video, which is rather long but shows how to use the Gmail+1 to create usernames.

Do you need to delete the posts you already have on your blog? No, I would leave them there as examples for next year’s class to see and learn from. Just make sure you have in your sidebar the widget called Archives.

Do I need to delete this year’s students as users on the blog? You can if you want to, but if you have each student role as contributor, they might still like to write a post next year especially if their new class doesn’t have a blog. You can have hundreds of users on your class blog, but if you do delete any of them, please notify me so I can delete them from the eSchoolblog database.

Here is a post giving tips for getting your blog ready at the end of the year. As you all have class blogs, go to the end of the post to the section labelled Approaches used with Class Blogs and check out what the people at Edublogs suggest you could be doing.

Keep a look out at Infostream in the next couple of weeks as hopefully we will be offering some blogging workshops during the holidays and it would be great if some of you could come in and give your experiences of blogging this year.

A big thank you to all the classes and teachers who have taken part in the first year of the blogging program with the Tasmanian eSchool. I hope you all continue your blogging in 2013 and remember, I am only an email away.

3 thoughts on “Will I still use my class blog next year?

  1. Hello! I was just looking through my old comments and found your blog. You were one of the first comments on my blog I believe. I started this blog in school and am continuing because it is so much fun. Do you have any tips for getting more people to see my blog? While I was in school I did the Edublog challenges and things like that.
    -Purple Pizza

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