Adding clock widgets

We have had some classes start joining in global activities such as:

Other global projects you might like to check out include:

Once you start involving your class in global collaborative activities, students start asking questions like:

Why aren’t the students answering my comments straight away?

What is the time over there?

To help students understand time zones around the world, you can always add some widgets to your sidebar, or as a page like Mrs Yollis does.

Here are some websites for clocks –weatherandtimeworld time server, widgetbox, clocklink, timeanddate,

Here is a world clock, set it for Tassie time (click on Tasmania) then hover over the area where you want to know what the time is eg east coast of America.

Here is a post from Ronnie Burt at Edublogs with other widgets to add to your sidebar.

Image: ‘SAF#2

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