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This afternoon, I sent an email to all the teachers who have class blogs with the eSchool. I know I left it very late, but I invited them to an online meeting using Blackboard Collaborate. The meeting was from 3pm till 4pm today.

It was great to have Mr Weir attend just before he headed off to his staff meeting. I would like to have these meetings perhaps once a fortnight or month as a way to pass on information about blogging as well as a way to share what is happening with our blogs and try to help each other. Below is an image of the main screen where I asked participants to add a smiley face to where they live in Tasmania.

Here is the script of what was said in the chat area of the room. Mr Williams  from Cooee also turned up after I had saved the image and chat. I can also use this live room to visit your class at their computers  from the computer at my house.

Joined on 24 July 2012 at 2:10 PM

Moderator: g’day Michael

Moderator: looks like it is working at Glen Dhu

Michael: Afternoon. Sadly we have staff meeting, but yes it is working at Glen Dhu !

Moderator: have you been in one of these rooms before?

Michael: No, it’s very bright and colourful,

Moderator: thinking of using once a fortnight at a certain time for the eSchool blogging teachers to help with queries etc

Michael: Yes, that would be a great idea. So much to learn but slow and staedy gets there

Moderator: yes we are now up to over 20 blogs begun

Moderator: and you already connected overseas with Mrs Schmidt

Moderator: have you found link for her class blog yet?

Michael: Excellent. Guess we need to make the committment to ensure chn stay interested.

Moderator: yep, if the teacher is not committed then the students lose interest as they don’t feel they can use it at school

Moderator: here is link to her class blog

Moderator: thanks for coming will let you head to staff meeting now

Michael: Thanks, catch you soon.

Moderator: to leave room, top left corner file>exit

Do you think this would be a valuable way to communicate as a group?

What day and time would suit you best?

Would you prefer after tea so about 7pm once a fortnight or month?

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  1. Yes I think the fortnightly meeting would be great. I need all the help I can get! An evening would be OK – at 7 p.m. I am available most nights. Friday afternoons are also good – from 3.30 – 4.00. I’ll try to fit in with others. Reb

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