Digital Footprints

My World Footprint

What is a digital footprint?

Wherever you go on the internet you leave little marks like footprints. Hopefully all the marks you leave are good ones. Which of these might be good or bad? Why?

Comments seen on a make believe blog:

  2. G’day Sally, I agree with that comment about digital footprints. I have just joined a course  and will be checking out what my footprint looks like. The course is for students, teachers and parents. Maybe some of your class will join me.
  3. Contact me at 123 49782 65234. I’ll meet you at the Mall in Notown at 6.30pm on Friday night. We can go to the Italian Restaurant at the mall for tea.

What does your digital footprint look like?

Do you have a Facebook page? Are all your comments and updates polite or are some of them not so good? Do you think your grandmother or a future boss would enjoy reading what you have written or looking at the photos you have added?

Have you registered for websites like Club Penguin, MoshiMonsters, Animoto etc. How much personal information did you leave? Have you joined some without your parents knowing? Remember most websites you need to be 13 or older. Why do you think they choose that age?

Add a comment about digital footprints to this voicethread. There are three different images. Click on my picture to see what you are commenting about on that image. If you can’t read what it says, check the questions below the voicethread on this blog.

1. Why should you think about your digital footprint when using the Internet?

2. What might other people have added to your footprint without you realising it?

3. Name three places where you have started leaving a positive digital footprint.

Kathy, who left a comment here, had a great visual on her blog from Intel website showing what she talks about in her digital footprint. I added only my facebook and twitter to it and this is what it created. I don’t know where that 11% shopping comes from – maybe the other members of my PLN.

Footprint on Facebook and Twitter

Image: ‘Footprint-Weltkarte

4 thoughts on “Digital Footprints

  1. Your questions made me think about “digital prints” I may have left online.I think that Reflection helps us to make long-term plans about how to deal with social media.Thanks for sharing

  2. Very thought provoking…and so I checked out MY ‘foot print’ using intel – what an amazing tool. I’m sure they limit the length of time it goes back into your history to retrieves your information. The key words used to categories are interesting (I use the word ‘beautiful’ a lot and that was placed into the ‘fashion’ section). Even so, a very powerful app. I now have my next blog lesson planned…Thank you.

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