Often teachers new to blogging find it difficult to get into a routine of using their blog in their classroom. After a few months, no new posts are being added, therefore no new visitors are arriving to leave comments.
Blogging- It is not abuot the Tools...It's about the Skills
Silvia Tolisano from the blog Langwitches has created a great poster about the skills you learn while blogging. She also has posters on using wikis, podcasting, digital storytelling and video conferencing. You can download them from her flickr page to use in your room.

She has also created other pdf documents about blogging – a lesson plan about a unit on blogging and a rubric for writing posts and leaving comments.

Kathleen Morris, who I recently met at a conference in San Diego, also writes many posts about using blogs in the classroom. She has connected with many teachers overseas and regularly joins with teachers in creating global collaborative projects.

Linda Yollis, who I stayed with last year and who often works with Kathleen Morris, has a wiki about educational blogging.

Make sure you check out the student and class blog lists on these two teachers class blogs.

Leave a comment about how you think blogging can be an everyday occurrence in your classroom. How could it be used for literacy, numeracy, science, history, health, music, art, PE etc?