Well students and teachers are back at work this week in Tasmania.

I wonder what you did for your two week holidays?

  • Did you go to the movies? What did you see? Write a review of the movie in your class blog.
  • Did you visit relatives? Write a post about visiting your relatives.
  • Did you go travelling? Write a post about where you went and what you enjoyed the most.
  • Did you stay at home? Write a post about the exciting things you did at home.

I have been lucky enough to go travelling. I am in Southern California at the moment driving in the high desert area around Blythe, Joshua Tree National Park  and heading to Yuma near the Mexican border tomorrow. After a few days there visiting other national parks and wildlife refuges I will be driving west to San Diego. The temperature has been very high here – outside the car yesterday at 1pm was 108F – wonder what that is in celsius?

I will be presenting about the student blogging challenge at a four day conference called ISTE12. This is the International Society for Technology in Education. There could be over 10,000 educators attending. Hopefully I will bring back lots of freebies and knowledge of new technologies to use with blogging.

Leave a comment below telling me what you did in the holidays.