What did you do in your winter holidays?

Well students and teachers are back at work this week in Tasmania.

I wonder what you did for your two week holidays?

  • Did you go to the movies? What did you see? Write a review of the movie in your class blog.
  • Did you visit relatives? Write a post about visiting your relatives.
  • Did you go travelling? Write a post about where you went and what you enjoyed the most.
  • Did you stay at home? Write a post about the exciting things you did at home.

I have been lucky enough to go travelling. I am in Southern California at the moment driving in the high desert area around Blythe, Joshua Tree National Park  and heading to Yuma near the Mexican border tomorrow. After a few days there visiting other national parks and wildlife refuges I will be driving west to San Diego. The temperature has been very high here – outside the car yesterday at 1pm was 108F – wonder what that is in celsius?

I will be presenting about the student blogging challenge at a four day conference called ISTE12. This is the International Society for Technology in Education. There could be over 10,000 educators attending. Hopefully I will bring back lots of freebies and knowledge of new technologies to use with blogging.

Leave a comment below telling me what you did in the holidays.


22 thoughts on “What did you do in your winter holidays?

  1. On the holidays I went to Cradle Mountain in. We stayed in a hut on a hill. We went for a long walk. We stayed there with some friends for 1 night.
    I went to see the three stooges it was hilarious!!!!! I went with my grandma. My favourite bit was when the people kept slapping each other for ages!!
    I also went to laser tag in Waverly. It was really fun. Once someone ran into me and it really hurt. My dad won 2 times and came second once. I kept hiding in a corner and shooting everyone! ☺

    • I went to the same hut as oscar, even though we go to different schools! It was fun, but wet, and cold. And muddy.
      we were supposed to go on a 45 minute hike to get there, but the hike ended up being an hour and a half because we got lost….In the dark…. 😛

      On the last weekend of the holidays, I went on a camp with girl guides. It was FREEZING, raining constantly, and there were leeches everywhere. Im not scared of very many things, (I am not scareed of bugs, or other creepy-crawleys alike), but i am TERRIFIED of leeches, i dont know why. The thought of little blood-sucking creatures that latch onto you and your not aloud to pull them off makes me shudder.

      • G’day Clara,
        Were you at the same camp at Nindethana as Ruby was on? What was the most fun about the camp (not the leeches though..)? Do you know that if you pour salt on the leeches they will drop off, also put a lighted match under them and they will also drop off? I learnt that when I was in Guiding and bushwalking.

  2. on the holidays i played a LOT of video games.
    but i did other stuff.
    like starting to prepare a tree to build a treehouse on. but we need to burn all the cut-offs so we didn’t finish it :(
    i slep over at one of my friends house.
    me and my family watched tin-tin the movie, it was pretty good.
    it seemed like the holidays were just a week-end because of how fast time went.

    • G’day Will,

      What type of tree will you be building your treehouse on? Will you have a secret password to be able to get in the house or not?

      Time always goes fast when you’re having fun.

  3. I went to Western Australia to visit my auntie, uncle and cousin. It wasnt very warm there because a storm came and trees fell down. We also saw a powerline which was down aswell and the power was out for a couple of days but besides that it was a great holiday! When i got back i still had a week off but i didint go any where in that time. When the storm came we also saw a car with a tree on top and people were using chainsaws to cut the tree in pieces. I cant wait untill i go there again.

    • G’day Zoe,
      I have some friends who live in WA and they were telling me about the lousy weather they had been having. Did you visit any particular places in WA or were you based mainly in Perth?

  4. I went to hobart and bisheno on the holidays we were going to go to queensland with another family but they couldnt come because they are building there shack.The first place we went to was Hobart with another family. we did alot of shopping there dad hated the hole shopping thing.We stayed in Hobart for about 3 days we left on Friday and came back came back on monday. Every night we went out for dinner.On monday i went to bisheno for 3 days as well i bhad lots of fun.

  5. On the holidays I went to Hamiton Island. One of the 74 island in the witsundy group for 6 nights it was soo fun.

    • G’day Thomas,
      What a lucky fellow .. I bet it was warmer there than back here in Tasmania. I have just been on holiday for two weeks in America in Southern California and it was 45 degrees Celsius where I stayed for a week, then I came to the coast of San Diego where it was about 25 degrees – much more sensible temperature. What were some of the activities you did at Hamilton Island? Perhaps you could write a post about that for your class blog.

  6. I was unfortunately sick for most of the holidays so I did not do much, but towards the end I went on the district Guide camp at Nindethana, and on the last day of the holidays I went rollerblading with some of my friends.

    • G’day Ruby,
      What bad luck about being sick – did you have a cold? I know how cold it can get at Nindethana having being a Guide leader at camps there many years ago. What was the best thing you did at the guide camp?

  7. In the holidays I went down to White Sand(this is down on the east coast)We went to St Helens for almost a whole day.We stayed down there for five days andfour nights.

  8. in my holidays it was the june holidays and i went to see lady gaga in consent for my birthday and i also went to melbon and hade a good time thats my holidays

  9. I went to Bicheno i surfed i swam i bought lollies i saw riley i went to his shack and it was fun. Also i went to lasertag with my friends it was fun. But overall i had a extremely lazy weekend.

  10. I saw Finn at Bicheno and we had a water fight and we both tied. I also went to Bridport and that was really fun and also went to Laser Tag and Finn was there and my holiday was very fun.

  11. I played footie on the weekend, we lost by 9 points to the best team. I also watched my footy team Richmond, they won.

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