Often when teachers first visit your blog, they look for a PAGE called “About us” or “About our school”. This is an introduction page about you, your students, your school, your town etc.

Why is it a page instead of a post?

Pages are linked to the front of your blog forever, so they are created for information that doesn’t change very often. When you first create a blog, there is a “Sample Page” there for you already. You can edit this page into an “About Us” page instead.

Editing the Sample Page

  1. Go to your class blog and log in to your dashboard.
  2. On the left sidebar, click on the drop down arrow next to Pages.
  3. Click on All pages.
  4. Find the Sample Page, hover underneath and click Edit.
  5. Delete anything that might already be there, then start writing about your class, school, town etc.
  6. Update the page when you have finished.

Check out the “About Us” pages from these class blogs:

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Some blogs have sub pages under the heading About Us, so check out:

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Discuss with your students what they are going to include there. Maybe you could add a slide show of your avatars – Animoto is an excellent tool for this. Remember to be internet savvy and check with your school administration as to whether they want the school name included or not.

I can’t see the page on the front of the blog!

Maybe the theme you have chosen does not show pages you have created. Go to your blog dashboard, click on appearance> widgets and drag the pages widget across to a sidebar.

Attribution:  Image: ‘Papua New Guinea: Gaire #3

Leave a comment: What other pages could you create for your blog?

Check out what other teachers have done.