New blogs created

So far we have 6 class blogs created. (now 7) Some teachers have started personalising the class blog, but all are keen and eager to get going.

Some students have started leaving comments on our eSchool blog titled “Read all about it

In the header of this blog, you will see pages for setting up your classroom blog. One of the pages includes creating avatars which is a fun activity for both young and old.

Once everyone in the class has their avatar, maybe you could add them to an animoto and put this on your class blog. Teachers can sign up for a free education version of animoto and create magnificent videos for your blog.

We will also be creating a blogging glossary page in the header to explain some of the terms we might be using in our posts and pages.

If you or your students have any questions about blogging, please add them to the page labelled “Questions??”

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