Welcome Back to Term 3!

Hello Grade 4/5, I hope you had a wonderful break.  Mrs W had a lovely time in the first week enjoying the beautiful Hobart sunshine.  She played in the snow at Mt Wellington and read lots of books on the couch!  In the second week, Mrs W travelled to Newcastle in NSW to visit her family.  She got such a shock as the weather was so warm when she arrived.

So now that Mrs W is relaxed and refreshed after her holiday, she is ready to go with some SUPER learning in Term 3.  Some of the highlights will be:

  • Making a film for the My State Film Festival (the theme is ‘eye’)
  • Swimming and Water Safety in Week 5
  • Lots of science, including 2 fairs and a space unit
  • Learning new ICT programs (Glogster, Kerpoof), and
  • Lots of fun activities with fractions and decimals in Mathematics

Mrs Westthorp can’t wait!

What did you get up to in the holidays?

What are you looking forward to in Term 3?

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