E-Mission: Moon, Mars & Beyond

For the last couple of weeks our class has been learning skills and information about space for a Virtual E-Mission.  But was is an e-mission I hear you ask?

“Advances in technology and connectivity allow our Wheeling Challenger Learning Center (CLC) to offer new programs that bring Challenger missions into the classroom. These programs – called “e-Missions” -use the Internet to create a live link between the students and our Flight Directors at “Mission Control.” Before each live simulation Mission, students complete studies, hands-on activities, and practice that open doors into science and math discovery. On mission day, they  form teams of “experts,” examine real-time data, analyze it, and make their recommendations to Mission Control.  Challenger’s Flight Directors guide the students to a successful solution of each crisis situation.

During the e-Mission: Moon, Mars, and Beyond,  students help rescue an exploration vessel in the outer solar system. The vessel has not been heard from in five days and they may be lost and experiencing  communication problems. Students must decode messages that allow them to plot the course of the vessel and plan supplies for the vital rescue mission to bring the astronauts safely back to the Mars base.” http://www.e-missions.net/mmab/overview/whatisalivesimulation.html

Friday, 15th November was Mission Day!  We were so excited to see how the mission would go and whether we would be successful.  After skyping Mission Control we were ready to start and all students jumped straight into their role/job and worked together to get the lost ship rescued.  It was a very busy and hectic 1.5 hours.  Well done Grade 4/5!  Here are some photos of the mission.  Thank you to the Grade 5s from Ms King’s class who were fabulous and helped make the mission a success!




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Swimming & Water Safety Program

Grades 3-5 enjoyed a week of swimming at the Hobart Aquatic Centre during the annual program.  The photos tell a wonderful story of the week.  Enjoy!


What did you learn during the swimming and water safety program?

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Term 3 Film Project

Term 3 was very busy!  We spent the whole ten weeks working on our film project for the Mystate Film Festival.  Students made 3 very different films using the eye as inspiration. The first film to be started was Red Beard created by Oliver, Fergus, Tye, Lochie, Logan and Riley.  They filmed entirely in the gym and created their own backdrop and props.

The next film was The Telepathic Sisters by Violet, Ashtyn, Rohnan, Jake, Jay, John and Billee.  The weather was against this group, with many filming days cancelled due to the wind and rain!  The group finally filmed their movie but had to improvise by dubbing their voices over the film.


The final movie to be filmed was The Lonely Eye Monster by Kasey, Madeleine, Tobias, Jo, Erin and Chloe. This film used interesting photos of Tobias to tell the story.  This group also had problems with the weather but all obstacles were overcome with the talented Suze!  We look forward to seeing the results of the judging in early December.

What did you enjoy most about the film project?

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Term 4, here we come!

We have certainly been busy for the final term this year.  Students have been learning about our colonial history, space and decimals in maths.  Term 4 always seems to go quickly and this year is no exception.  We are still looking forward to our end of year celebrations, reward day, Grade 5/6 drama performance and the school fair!  How exciting!!!

What are you looking forward to the most?

Check out the Dunalley Ducks!

One of the special donations to our school was from a business called ‘Ethos’ who specialise in handmade fair trade gifts.  We were given these funky duck puppets as inspiration from the Dunalley Duck Run held in March each year.  These ducks were made in Bangladesh.

Thank you so much, we really love the ducks and really love that they were made ethically!

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Lights, Camera, Action!

We are very fortunate this term to be participating in the My State Film Festival Project.  This is a short film festival (must be less than 5 minutes) and is open to all school students.  We will be entering 4 films in the primary section.  The theme this year is the EYE.  The theme has to be woven into the film either subtly or obviously!  Suze van der Beek is facilitating the project and we are working with Suze and Ange to develop script ideas, characters, costumes, settings , filming and editing!  Whoa!

We are extremely grateful to the Tasman Dunalley Neighbourhood House for generously funding this amazing project.


In our first two sessions we worked on story development and characters.  Here are some photos of us working in our groups brainstorming some great ideas.


What are you looking forward to the most in our film project?  Do you prefer being behind or in front of the camera?

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Our new novel, NORTHWOOD

Last week we started reading our new novel, Northwood by Brian Falkner.  We read the first 2 chapters and were introduced to the main character Cecelia Undergarment.  She lives in an interesting village called Brookfield in a 6 storey house made of balloons! Our class visualised what the village and house might look like.  Here are some of our drawings.

“Cecelia is a perfectly normal girl.  At least, as perfectly normal as anyone who lived in a balloon house near a dark, enchanted forest could be.  And as normal as anyone who could talk to animals.”

If you could talk to animals, what animal would you talk to and what would you say? 

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Hello Madeleine and Goodbye Ayben

This term we warmly welcome a new student to our class, Madeleine.  We hope she loves our school as much as we do!

It’s with sadness that we also farewell one of our classmates this term.  Ayben has been at Dunalley Primary since Grade 3 and has made us laugh with his quirky sense of humour, minecraft expertise and love of black!  We wish you the best of luck at your new school Ayben.  Remember you can always keep in touch through the blog!

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Welcome Back to Term 3!

Hello Grade 4/5, I hope you had a wonderful break.  Mrs W had a lovely time in the first week enjoying the beautiful Hobart sunshine.  She played in the snow at Mt Wellington and read lots of books on the couch!  In the second week, Mrs W travelled to Newcastle in NSW to visit her family.  She got such a shock as the weather was so warm when she arrived.

So now that Mrs W is relaxed and refreshed after her holiday, she is ready to go with some SUPER learning in Term 3.  Some of the highlights will be:

  • Making a film for the My State Film Festival (the theme is ‘eye’)
  • Swimming and Water Safety in Week 5
  • Lots of science, including 2 fairs and a space unit
  • Learning new ICT programs (Glogster, Kerpoof), and
  • Lots of fun activities with fractions and decimals in Mathematics

Mrs Westthorp can’t wait!

What did you get up to in the holidays?

What are you looking forward to in Term 3?

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Welcome to our Grandparents

Today is Grandparents Day, a celebration as part of Families Week.  All Grandparents or special older persons of students have been invited today to spend some time in the classrooms.


In Grade 4/5 we will be sharing our blog and some of the ways we use ICT in our classroom.  We will make a word cloud using Tagxedo and compete against each other on Mathletics.

We hope you have a wonderful day!

Grand parents please respond to the following questions (please use your first name only):

What did you enjoy learning about when you were at school? 

What was your favourite subject at school? 

When and where did you go to school? 

What is similiar and different to when you went to school?


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