I’m Davo

G’day mate,

My name is Davo and I am an endangered animal in Australia. I am lucky enough to have travelled widely throughout Canada and the USA with Miss W who looks after me. You can check out my blog – yes I have my own blog – and see where I have been.

I have been chatting to some of the other endangered animals around Australia and we decided we want to tell our readers all about this great country of ours. Each animal is looked after by a class of students from the different states of Australia – see their class blogs on the sidebar. If you want to find out more about other endangered animals in Australia, please check the other links in the sidebar.

Have you worked out which state I am from and what type of endangered animal I am?

This is me in the wild, photo thanks to Miss W.’s dad. If you have any questions about me, please leave a comment on this post and I will get back to you.

davo dadThis is Davo signing off with my avatar.

davo phil

One thought on “I’m Davo

  1. Hi Davo,
    You’re my favourite kind of meat eater and I hope the scientists are able to stop that terrible facial tumour that so many other devils have.


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