G’day Visitors

G’day, we are a group of endangered animals travelling around our country, Australia. We are going to tell you about our state emblems, some history, famous people who lived in our state, flora and fauna found around Australia as well as landmarks you might want to visit if you come to Australia. Australia is a country as big as the USA or Europe so we have great variations depending upon where we live.

If your Australian class would like to help with this blog, have your teacher fill in the form at this page.

If you are an overseas visitor and have a question about Australia, please leave your question as a comment on this page. Remember to be specific about your question, maybe mentioning a certain state “What’s the weather like in Tasmania?”

What do you think would be good names for us?

Leave a comment suggesting a name for each of us. Maybe checking out the link might give you some clues.

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