32 thoughts on “Book Week!

  1. Hello guys, this is a tricky one….
    I have to say the Skulduggery Pleasant Series it is very mysterious and it also has its funny points in it to!

  2. My favorite book is Skulduggery Pleasant because its funny, it has alot of twists and its very unpredictible. One question I would ask the Author of this book is how Serpine got his red hand?

  3. My favourite book is My treasure hunt trouble By Betty G Birney.
    It’s my favourite book because its funny and adventurous. If I could ask the author one question it would be why did he choose Andy Garths little brother to steal the treasure. :)

  4. My favourite book is The Hunger Games because it is very exciting and has a lot of twists. Also because it could actually happen one day. If I could ask Suzanne Collins one question it would be When is Prim’s bithday?

  5. My favourite books are the Beast Quest series because they have mythical creatures and wizards. I would ask Adam Blade, how did he come up with the series?

  6. I love the book Liesl and Po by Lauren Oliver.
    Po is a ghost and Liesl is a girl who is trapped in the attic since her father died. If I could ask the author one question it would be was it a coincidence that Liesl’s father was in Po and Bundle’s special place where hardly anyone goes on the other side?-

  7. I’m reading Diary of A Wimpy Kid The Third Wheel. I haven’t seen the movie because they haven’t made it yet but I’m up to page 34.

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