Colonial Australian History



Thylacines 01 (Wiki)
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After the arrival of Europeans a number of native Australian animals such as the Norfolk Island Kaka and more famously the Thylacine became extinct.  What animal are you writing your report about?  Why did they become extinct and when?

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  1. I learnt how
    Queensland was origionaly called Moreton Bay and was the last colony set up in 1824, becoming a seperate colony in 1859
    westen Australia was the 3rd colony and was origianly called Swan River, it was set up in 1829, and became seperate in 1890
    Hobart was set up in van Dieman’s land in 1824, making it the second colony, becoming seperate in 1825
    The colony of south Australia was set up in 1836, becoming seperate in 1857
    Victoria became a seperate colony in 1851

  2. For the new question, Im reaserching the Pig-Footed bandicoot. It probably was extinct by diseases, feral cats, sheep and cattle which changed the land. It became extinct in the 1950’s.

  3. I am reseaching the Lesser Bilby. They think it became extinct by Rabbit competition(I think from burrows) and fox hunting. It said unlike the Greater Bilby the Lesser Bilby did not have much of a variety of space to live in. Thats all I am really up to yet.

  4. I am researching the cresent nailtail wallaby. They became extinct from the red fox mainly.
    They could fight of a predator with the horny spur at the end of there tail but predators usually got the best of them.

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