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This blog is giving you an opportunity to communicate with the class about a range of topics.  This is your opportunity to have your voice heard around the world! 


To get you started, I want you to answer the following question:

What is your favourite holiday memory?
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30 thoughts on “Welcome Grade 5S to our Class Blog

  1. in my England holiday I had lots of favourite stuff to do. One of my favourites was when I went onto the StarWars fighter simulator. It had alot of sharp turns, loop to loops, barrel rolls etc. and the funny part was it didn’t make me sick… I am usually motion sick!

  2. one of my favourite holidays was when i went to melbourne to the zoo and the aquarium.Because the sting ray at the aquarium smiled at the camera when i took a photo:)

  3. M favourite holiday memory was when we went to Queensland for a week. We went to 3 themeparks: Seaworld, Wet ‘n Wild, and Warner Bros. Movie World

  4. My favorite holiday was when i went to Mayfeild, just outside of Swansea, my favorite part was when i built a sand castle that lasted a week due to all the walls i built around it.

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