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Politicians and fairness


Reflecting on the recent election campaign and subsequent results, do you think our Australian politicians treat each other fairly?

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Spring is here


We have just finished three months of Winter. This week’s BLOG is about your thoughts for Spring. What is important about Spring – ¬†for Nature and for you?

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Explain three ways you would encourage the love of reading during BOOK WEEK if you were a leader in the school.

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If you were a Book Week judge?


If you were a Book Week judge, which shortlisted book do you think should win? Make sure you give reasons.

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Hello 5 6 Rigby Rumney


Just Full Of IdeasWelcome to our class blog page. We are starting this and learning together how to blog each other. We would like you to make comments on posts that we have written.

This is your chance to voice your ideas to the world and also a chance to make comments about what our class is currently focussing on.

One of our blogs will be a combined group blog with 6 Tyson and 5 Seinor. We have put up some photos and text about issues on fairness.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Bart via Compfight

First blog question: You are reading “Toad Away” by Maurice Glitzman. Do you think we treat cane toads fairly?

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