Awesome blogs I’ve visited!


Hiya Everybody!

I have been visiting some extra cool blogs that have been nominated a best blog awards for 2012. They were all extra good and creative with interesting posts.

The first blog I visited belonged to a girl named Dana. It was very interesting and I definitely enjoyed her all about me page. Her latest post was on her favourite web game which was Movie Star Plannet. I have never heard of that game so I was quite interested about it. I liked how she had explained what you do and even added a picture so you got even more or an idea what the game was about. Here is her blog.

I also visited a lovely blog called Come Somersault With Sarah. It was such a interesting and exciting blog and I found out that she was auditioning for an Junior Orchestra. She is obviously very good!!! She had an really great video of her playing the violin which was great, she had lots of information too..  Her blog link is here.

The last but not least blog I visited was called Bronte’s Barn. Her last two recent posts were about her horse named Ruby. She has been trying to sell her and finally sold it! What made it extra exciting was that she used her blog to try to sell Ruby. That was wonderful and super interesting. If you would like to venture to that blog then click here.

What did you think of the blogs? 

What was your favourite?

Did you find any widgets to put on your blog? 

Annabel :)

2 thoughts on “Awesome blogs I’ve visited!

  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful new blogs. I enjoyedexploring all three of them. Their posts were very detailedand interesting. It’s fun to look at differentlayouts too.
    I liked how you had links to these blogs. Is this a new aspect of bloggingfor you?
    Mum x

    • Hello Mum,
      Ye, The posts were extremely detailed with great adjectives and verbs. I also liked looking at other themes… Although I liked some better than others :)
      This is a new thing for me.

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