Jai Waetford

Hello Everybody,

Jai Waetford is my favourite singer. He is 14 years old and competed in the X factor 2013…. His result coming 3rd!All the judges thought he was awesome, had great vocals and the HAD THE X FACTOR! Jai waetfords mentor was Ronan (In the under boys!).
He is an amazing singer, especially for his age. I think he should of won easily and I fell terrible for him:

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Who was your favourite on the X factor?
What is your favourite song Jai sings?
Any other general comments on Jai?

Annabel 😀

4 thoughts on “Jai Waetford

  1. G’day!
    My favourite from the X- Factor was Jai! My favourite song Jai sings is Your Eyes and Plans. I am the same as you, I think Jai should of won or came 2nd because Taylor came 2nd but he messed up so Jai should of won.
    sincerely, Jacob

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