Hi everyone,
At the moment our class has been focusing on fractions and decimals. A fraction is an equal part of a whole thing. Some examples are: 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 2/5.
We have been trying to find interesting facts and equvilant fractions to help our understanding. We have found out that if you can half the top and bottom number it has an equivalent fraction (This also works if you can devide it by three). Some equvilant fractions are:
•2/4 = 1/2
•3/9 = 1/3
• 1/1 = Whole
Not all fractions have equalvalent fractions.
I hope you learnt some interesting facts about fractions.
What other facts on fractions do you know?
Do you know any really tricky tricks for fractions.


2 thoughts on “Fractions

  1. Hi Annabel,
    Great post on fractions.

    I can remember how hard it was to learn about fractions and decimals. They can be hard concepts to understand.

    I believe that fractions can be broken down into new fractions if they have a common denominator (a number that both numbers can be divided into). For example 4/16 can become 2/8 by dividing each number by 2. You can further break 2/8 down by dividing each number by 2. This makes it 1/4.

    Some people might be able to break it down to 1/4 straight from 4/16 by dividing both numbers by 4.

    Does this make sense? I have probably confused you with my explanation.

    Mum x

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