Mesmerising…See what you can do with practise!

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11 Responses to “Mesmerising…See what you can do with practise!”

  1.   Thomas Says:

    hi 4/5 Woolley,
    I really like the vidieo of the man danceing. Do you like the vidieo?


  2.   georgia Says:

    hi mr woolley
    that is a really cool dance i like the song he is dancing to did you have a good time on camp with grade 3-4

    by gerogia


    •   Sea Dragon Says:

      Hi Georgia,
      Yes, thanks. I had a great time. Exhausted now though. Best bits was probably the rock climbing gym and the caves.


  3.   Elijah Says:

    Dear Mr. Woolley
    I wish I could dance like the guy on the video. Mr Woolley can you shuffle?
    If you can that is really cool!
    from Elijah


  4.   Leo Says:

    Hi mr woolley

    looks like he has had a lot of pracice.
    practice makes perfect.

    From leo


  5.   Cameron Says:

    hey mr wooley
    that man is agreat dancer. but I can dance better than him. Are you good at dancing.

    From Cameron


  6.   Matthew Says:


    How did he do that and Cammron says he could dance betta than him.
    I BET

    From Matt


  7.   Tahlia Says:

    Hey Mr Woolley,

    u should put a post of u dancing :)


  8.   Layla Says:

    Hey Mr Woolley,
    Far Out!!!!
    That was amazing.
    I actually want to be able to dance like that I reckon I am already a quarter of the way there!!!
    And Cameron you seriously think that you can dance better then that?, Good Luck with that.

    ciao amigos


    •   Sea Dragon Says:

      Hi Layla,
      Awesome to see you checking out our blog. It is amazing to see what humans are capable of isn’t it. I think even a quarter of the talent this guy has is seriously gifted anyway…well done you. Do you think we should have a dance off between you and Cameron? :)


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