baby Eclectus parrot at NatureWorld

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Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Valerie via CompfightHey 4/5,

A baby Eclectus parrot just hatched a little while ago at NatureWorld.

Its tiny and pink its mother will probably bite your finger off if you tried to touch it.

Have any of you out there seen a baby animals? if you have

post a comment and tell me.

3 Responses to “baby Eclectus parrot at NatureWorld”

  1.   georgia Says:

    Hi, I have seen a puppy and a baby duck – they’re soooooo cute!


  2.   Lolita Says:

    Thats SO cute !!
    How old is he/she?
    Whats he/shes name.


  3.   Storm Says:

    Me and dad saw a baby horse on the way back from Hobart it was so cute


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