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This is a photo of the camels in Broome, I got to ride on a camel with my sister when I was there recently.  I think camels are very cute, do you think camels are cute?

From Tahlia,

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  1.   Ria Says:

    HI :)
    I think camels are ugly because they have incredibly
    large nostrils.
    why do you think camels are cute
    From Ria


  2.   Danni Says:

    Hi Tahlia

    yes I do kind of think camels are cute.
    was it joyful riding camels?
    And if yes why?
    I also want to Know if you took this Photo because you did say that they were at Broome and you were at Broome recently as well.
    From Danni


  3.   Tahlia Says:

    Hi Danni,

    It is really fun riding camels because you are so high up, and I did take the photo in Broome.

    from Tahlia,


  4.   Cameron Says:

    Hi Tahlia

    I think camels are cool the way the store all the water in the humps on there back. Camels are sort of cute was the camel rid fun.


  5.   Cameron Says:

    Hi Tahlia,

    I like the picture of the camels Broome must have been fun. How long were you there?


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