We survived Camp Clayton 2013

Hi all,

Wow, what an awesome camp!  Sorry I’ve missed the last couple of days at school, I’m sure you can’t wait to check out all the happy snaps we took on camp.  I thought I’d upload this little photo someone took of the giant swing.  Pretty funny, pretty scary.  More to follow soon.

Just hangin’ around

5 thoughts on “We survived Camp Clayton 2013

    • Hi Georgia,
      It is really hard to pick a favourite…I enjoyed them all. Top 3 were archery, flying fox and yes…the giant swing. I couldn’t believe how high we went – what a rush!

  1. Hey MR.W
    The Giant Swing was AWESOME!!!!!
    I loved it.
    We did look at some photos with MRS.B.
    The flying fox was my second favourite.
    Thank you for taking us
    from Ria

    • Hi Ria,
      It really was my pleasure to take you guys away on camp. I was so impressed with all of you, not only how well behaved everyone was but how everyone participated in all activities even though some where very challenging (and a bit scary).
      Mrs Bosua and I will put together a slideshow of all the photos and give them to you on your USB thumb-drives to take home at the end of the year.

  2. hi,
    A slide show should be great to watch!
    I feel sad though me and Tahlia left our loudest screaming award at the trampoline.
    Bye for now
    (backwards aiR)

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