What’s the matter?

Hi class,

I found another catchy song.  This one is from a band I use to listen to when I was in high school.  Like Cameron suggested, maybe we could come up with our own ‘ear worm’.

What topic or subject do you think we could do? make sure you vote on the music video opinion poll on the left side bar <–

15 thoughts on “What’s the matter?

  1. Hey Mr Woolley,

    I love the new video about solids, liquids and gases. It’s really cool, I like that guys face that’s walking around the circle of milk – he’s weird 😀

    From Chloe

    • Hi Chloe,
      Did you see the name of the band who are singing this song? ‘They might be giants’ – I think this is a funny name for a band

    • Hi Georgia,
      I showed the video to Felix and Niamh, they laughed along as well. I’m glad you liked it. Have you voted in the poll to see what subject we should create a music video to?

      Mr Woolley

  2. Hi Mr Woolley

    hahahaha very catchy song a little bit weird but cool at the same time. The little man on it is pretty cute I must say. I think Chloe likes him to add to make sure milk is a solid as well as a liquid.:>]

    From Indi :>]

    • Hi Indi,
      I think the video as well. I think it would have been hard to mention milk as a colloid in the song. Can you think of a line for the song – something that rhymes with colloid?

      Mr Woolley

  3. Hey Mr.Woolley,

    Interesting video about solids, liquids and gases. I never thought that would be something people put in a song hahaha 😀

    Tahlia 😀

    • Hi Tahlia,
      some people turn everything into a song and dance! Any thoughts on what subject you would choose to make a song about?

      Mr Woolley

    • Hi Tahlia,
      Hmmm, not sure where that fits in the curriculum…maybe Health and well-being?
      What are some of the lyrics for the song?

      Mr Woolley

  4. Hi Mr Woolley,

    I like the new video about solids liquids and gases i think its funny and weird at the same time. What is your favourite bit in the video?


  5. Hi Mr Woolley

    I like this video I like the little stick man guy he look’s cool and I like the spring on his head I also liked the theme tunethis song is very cool 😉

    From Matthew :)

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