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Here is the basics of what each piece on the chess board does.  Matt and Hogan are currently running tutorials each lunch in the 4/5 classroom.  We have a school tournament coming up and a St Mary’s competition on the 23rd of June.  Get into it!


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My iPhone apps as of February 2010




Hello Class,

I thought it was time we got this blog up and running again (especially in light of the news we received  on the last day of term 1).  I’m sure you are as excited as I am to get our new tablets.  I’ve been looking around for some cool apps that we might be able to use.  However, I have never even used one before so I’d imagine you guys will be teaching me as we go as well.

Does anyone know of any appropriate apps that we use for our learning in the classroom?  Send me a reply to this post and I’ll look into them.  Thanks
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Best foot forward
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Nuytsia@Tas via Compfight

hello everyone

Did you know that art start 2013 is on and this year it is you and a animal you would find in the wild.

My photo was of an echidna.  If you are in it what is your animal?

pleas leave a comment.    :)

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Pi: The Transcendental Number
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Tom Blackwell via Compfight

I think this photo looks very cool I don’t really get it but still we should learn it.

The symbol in it from what I know is my favourite symbol try to work what symbol it is.

It is a transcendental number and you guys would really like it that is all the info I can give try your best.

It’s EASY come on try but I would like to learn that in class.

If you know what it is leave a comment .

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Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Valerie via CompfightHey 4/5,

A baby Eclectus parrot just hatched a little while ago at NatureWorld.

Its tiny and pink its mother will probably bite your finger off if you tried to touch it.

Have any of you out there seen a baby animals? if you have

post a comment and tell me.

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Path to the Waterfall

Hi 4/5 Woolley this picture reminders me of  The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.
Do you like Rudyard Kiplings books?










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Hi everyone,

I am so excited about the play.

Are you in it? if you part are you playing?

From Lolita



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Hey guys,

On Wednesday we had options choir people didn’t have choir because we already had a concert we played a game called pirate ball this is how you play

1. split a large space into thirds.

2. pick three colours these are the colours of your teams.

3. get three items of each colour put one of each colour in a third.

4. put an even number of people in each third they will be the three different teams.

Okay, you’re set up now its time to play. Say the colours you picked are red,blue and yellow red team wants to get all the red items back to there sides you can only take your own colours over to your side.  If you have any questions please leave a comment.  Do you know any good games you could share?  Leave a comment if you do.

From Chloe

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Hi All

I found this picture of two Devils fighting over a piece of meat.

Do you guys like devils?

From Cameron

Tasmanian Devils 3447